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ILIFE Enjoy 7 Days Sanitary Pad Daily/Night/Pantyliner Tea Polyphenol Anti-Oxidation Sanitary Napkin 爱生活臻享7日超薄棉柔卫生巾

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iLife 7Days Sanitary Pads are a sustainable and healthier choice for ladies, a product that is designed for better health. It is beneficial, sustainable and affordable. Healthier and happier lifestyle, choose iLife 7Days Sanitary Pads! Available in 3 variations: Mini Day. Day & Night Use


The fully sealed packaging makes the sanitary napkin more dustproof and hygienic.


The unique tea polyphenol temperature sensitive chip has four functions: tea polyphenol, magnetic power, far infrared, and negative ion:

✅ Magnetic power: it has the function of detoxification of the palace by printing the magnetic line of the built-in product.

✅ Dynamic negative ions: ≥5000 / cm3 dynamic negative ions, which has the effect of soothing emotions and calming.

✅ Tea polyphenol anti-oxidation: tea polyphenol content ≥5ppm, in addition to its antioxidant effect, it also has bacteriostatic effect, such as staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, etc., and has a certain odor adsorption Function; care for the tenderness of private parts as always, remove odor and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

✅ Far infrared function: normal emissivity increase value ≥8.0%, with warm palace effect.


Super absorbent core:

Superpolar 7-layer functional core structure, compounded with advanced absorbent materials imported from the United States and Japan. Can absorb liquid 40 times its own weight.




✅ 磁动力:通过印花构建产品磁力线,具有清宫排毒的功能;

✅ 动态负离子:≥5000个/cm3的动态负离子,具有舒缓情绪,镇定的效果;

✅ 茶多酚抗氧化:茶多酚含量≥5ppm,除具有抗氧化作用外,还具有抑菌作用,如对葡萄球菌、大肠杆菌、枯草杆菌等有抑制作用,并具有一定吸附异味的作用;呵护私处粉嫩如初,袪除异味,抑制细菌滋生

✅ 远红外功能:法向发射率提高值≥8.0%,具有暖宫效果;




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