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DOLOVMI SC Firming Gel 多爱迷温敏紧润凝胶

RM 287.00
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DOLOVMI Firming Gel has been specially formulated using advanced formulation to help vaginal tightening.
✅ NO preservatives
✅ NO chemical ingredients
✅ SAFE with NO STIMULAITONS Information Benefits
✅ Improve Sex Life
✅ Enhance Sex Drive
✅ Improve Relationship
✅ Increase Sexual Confidence
✅ Restore to its youthful appearance


✅ Purified Water
✅ Glycerin
✅ (Sophora flavescens)
✅ (Cnidium monnieri (L.)Cuss)
✅ (Angelica sinensis)
✅ (Curcuma longa L)
✅ (Leonurus japonicus Houtt)
✅ (Lithospermum erythrorhizon Sieb. et Zucc.)
✅ (glutathione,GSH),etc. 【Antimicrobial Content】
✅ 2,4,4-teichloro-2-hydroxydipheny lether 0.25%-0.3%(w/w)

✅ Work as bacteriostatic for bacteria including StaphylococcusAureus, E.Coli,Candida Albicans.

【Utilization Condition】
✅ Used for cleaning and daily care of private genital part.

【Direction to Use】
👉🏻 Wash hands and open the individual package.
👉🏻 remove the applicator's plunge and put it at the back of the applicator.
👉🏻 Choose a suitable position to inject DOLOVMI® HPV Antibacterial Gel into female genital tract.
👉🏻 Gently push the plunger to release the gel.
👉🏻 Gently pull out the applicator and throw away.

This product is not for:
❌ oral intake.
❌ pregnant women.
❌ during menstrual cycle.
❌ sensitive skins.
❌ Dolovmi' SC Fiming Gel dose not replace any kind of medication treatment and does not prevent you from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.


【成 份】
- 纯化水、甘油、苦参、当归、蛇床子、姜黄、益母草、紫草、谷胱甘肽等

- 三氯羟基二苯醚0.25%-0.3%(w/w)

- 对金黄色葡萄球菌、大肠杆菌、白色念珠菌有抑菌作用

- 用于阴部清洁、抑菌和日常护理,作用5分钟有抑菌效果。

- 清洗双手拆开外包装取出推注器上盖选择合适体位将凝胶推入阴道

❌ 不能口服
❌ 孕妇慎用
❌ 经期禁用
❌ 过敏性禁用
❌ 本产品不能代替药物,不得用于性生活中对性病的预防。


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