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DOLOVMI Love Gel 多爱迷纤维凝胶

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DOLOVMI Love Gel is a new contraceptive (birth control gel) that applies advanced technology to prevent pregnancy.

DOLOVMI Love Gel provides three levels of protection & reduces the sperm energy, resulting in the effects below:

- Inhibit sperm motility

- Create a fine netlike structure is created to inhibits the sperm’s movement

- Forms a protective layer at the cervical orifice. This prevents the energy release by phosphoric acid bonds in the tail of sperm. The rate of contraceptive protection is 98%.

- The principle of gel contraception is mainly through gel injected into the female vagina. After that, a thick layer of mucosa is formed in the female cervix. This thick layer of mucous membrane absorbs part of the sperm. It absorbs a part of spermatozoa and blocks sperm from entering the cervix and ovum.

- In addition to this, the spermicidal agents in this contraceptive gel can also play a role in inhibiting the sperm. Contraceptive Gel is considered the first liquid condom to be introduced in the market. It can also effectively solve women's various gynaecological problems


- Bacillus Fermentation Products is National High Technology Program (863) Science and Technology Development Plan in China.

- The bacillus fermentation products are internationally recognized as the best alternative to antibiotics.

- A group of small molecular active polypeptides (generally less than 50aa) is produced by cultivation in organisms.

- It has a broad-spectrum of good inhibitory effects on bacteria, fungi, etc.

- The unique membrane-breaking bactericidal mechanism is not easy to be replicated through the introduction of chemical based drugs.

- It has specific functions closely related to the innate immunity of the body.

- Acts as a replacement of preservatives. It is non-corrosive and it is non-addictive.


- 抑制精子游动
- 网状拦截精子
- 在宫颈口形成安全保护膜,阻止精子尾部高能磷酸键释放能量。避孕率达98%



- 阻精防孕
- 预防感染
- 有效预防瘙痒
- 有效祛除异味
- 滋养润滑
- 延长情趣
- 有效阴道保洁
- 平衡修复,延缓衰老

- 芽孢杆菌发酵产品是中国国家高技术计划(863)科技发展计划。
- 芽孢杆菌发酵产品是国际公认的最佳抗生素替代品。
- 通过在生物体中培养产生一组小分子活性多肽(通常小于50aa)
- 通过引入基于化学的药物不容易复制独特的破膜杀菌机制。
- 它具有与人体固有免疫力密切相关的特定功能。
- 它对细菌,真菌等具有良好的抑制作用。


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