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She's Lab The Iceland Peach Mask (Made in Korea)

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Mask sheet with Peach extract and Iceland glacier water. 

► Main Ingredient: Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit Extract 

► Function: Moisturizing 

► Volume: 20g 

► Product Origin: Made in South Korea

► Usage Guidelines: Apply after cleansing, toning and serum, place the mask to fit eyes and lip area.  Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes and then remove the mask. Make sure to gently massage the remaining essence until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Finish off by applying sunscreen at daytime or moisturizer at night-time. 

#1. Eco-friendly fabric originated from nature It is a 100% nature oriented fabric extracted from natural wood pulp, and has a smoother texture than silk. It is more absorbent than cotton and has a 0.2mm thickness with good adhesion and clear transparency. 

#2. Contains fruit extract Masks that provide health and clarity to the skin through the inclusion of concentrated fruit extracts of natural energy. 

#3. Water type essence Moisturizing the skin with its fresh sensation as water type essence. 


# Peach extract
Peach extract turns skin brighter and moisturize. 

# Make retired skin gentle and relaxed!
A natural 100% vegetable fiber made from trees that is more absorbent than cotton, and is also a clean, eco-friendly material. 

# Best moisture-balanced fabric filled with moisture
A moisture-controlled structure that absorbs moisture in a uniform and controlled manner compared to cotton and synthetic fibers to create an optimal environment when it meets essence. 

# Average thickness approx. 0.2mm sheet!
Twice thinner than normal non-woven fabric. Super adhesive to the skin without uncomfortable feeling. 

# Excellent transparency and adhesion!
Transparency that reflects skin tone when skin is attached, and good skin adhesion make skin feel comfortable and easy to act active.

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